What is frontend?

What is Frontend? The term frontend refers to all the software used to create, develop, and display websites, web applications, and other digital media. The term is used to refer to the applications, platforms, technology, and people (in addition to organizations) that provide the interface between a website and its visitors. Typically, frontend software is platform independent, meaning that it runs on every platform supported by WordPress (at the time of this writing). It typically includes a Frontend editor to allow developers to write code directly in WordPress without having to host or maintain it on their own servers. Find more info here:

What is backend?

What is backend? The term ‘backend’ refers to the process of processing your online purchases. How is this done? Many online stores provide this service for free or at a reduced rate. Others, like Amazon, offer a paid service that provides an exciting new way to earn cash back on your online purchases. Learn more about the different types of backend and which service might best suit your needs! You can learn more info here:

Frontend vs Backend

Web applications are the backbone of every website. On the frontend, you query the API using HTTP GET and POST requests, and the backend responds with data structures representing the view. Frontend applications typically maintain their own cache so they don’t need to read from the disk when they have data that needs to be persisted to disk. Not all APIs are text based and not all have a rich set of conventions for error handling. You should always read the documentation for any given component you’re using because it will tell you how it works and how to make sure it routes requests correctly through middleware and other code