Frontend vs Backend. What is better?

What is frontend? What is Frontend? The term frontend usd to usdt refers to all the software used to create, develop, and display websites, web applications, and other digital media. The term is used to refer to the applications, platforms, technology, and people (in addition to organizations) that provide the interface between a website and […]

66% of SMBs don’t believe they are vulnerable to cyberattacks

SMBs aren’t prioritizing cybersecurity prevention strategies, even though they are at risk of attack, according to a Keeper Security report. Luxeo The majority (66%) of business usd to doge leaders at small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) don’t believe they will fall victim to a cyberattack, according to Keeper Security’s 2019 SMB Cyberthreat Study released on Thursday. While SMBs don’t think […]